The Centient Group offers executives, leaders, and civilians training programs that provide the skills necessary to keep themselves, their family, workplace, and colleagues safe from current and emerging threats.  The emphasis is placed on physical and cyber forms of situational awareness.  Our approach is meant to be holistic and addresses strategic, operational and tactical perspectives.  Proper vulnerability and threat assessments will help to dramatically lower day-to-day incidents and mitigate negative consequences.  Centient Group provides defensive training that allows our clients to prepare appropriately according to the type of environments in which they evolve.  The focus is placed on avoidance and prevention rather than confrontation.

Dr. Frederic Lemieux is currently affiliated with Centient Group and The George Washington University as full professor and program director.  In his capacity of program director, Dr. Lemieux has developed and reviewed several degree programs that are very popular with and relevant to professionals working in public safety and homeland security.  Dr. Lemieux is a world-renowned researcher and has published several books, book chapters, peer-reviewed articles, and reports on topics related to cybersecurity and homeland security. Dr. Lemieux has also been invited to present his work in numerous national and international academic conferences in the past 15 years.

In addition, Dr. Lemieux maintains strong relationships with Subject Matter Experts.  We have access to an extensive professional network of subject matter experts working in the fields of cybersecurity, crisis management, and homeland security.  These experts have accumulated many years of experience in leadership, training, and procedures development.