State of Current Threats

The program will educate you on the different elements of terrorism, be it domestic or foreign, physical or cyber-related.  These threats include crowd sourced jihad and other types of terrorism, but there will also be a heavy focus on everyday street crime which you are more likely to experience. 

The program will explore current and emerging trends related to cyber security threats.  Participants will learn and discuss the most pressing issues regarding cyber defense strategies and tactics.  The program uses recent and highly recognized incidents as case studies.

Situational Awareness

You will learn how to observe your surroundings to properly assess the presence of threat vulnerabilities through the science of awareness, which is a reasoning skill that depends on varying degrees of condition and behavior profiling. This is not limited to the physical realm, as a cyber/social media perspective is also explored.

Avoidance vs. Confrontation

The program emphasizes how you can avoid bad situations in the first place in order to circumvent the need for self-defense.

‘How do i not create an issue or threat.’

Weapon Systems and Simulation Training (Last Resort)

Weapons training will include elements of concealed carry and the use of a variety of weapons systems with a primary emphasis on hand guns.  Simulation-based training drills are integrated into the program to enhance the realism of situational awareness training exercises.  This will provide a unique understanding of your awareness capabilities in realistic, high stress scenarios.

Applied Self Defense

From mild restraint to lethal force, you will learn various techniques and tactics using traditional weapons or makeshift weapons in applied scenarios in order to improve your chance of working through an altercation.

Additional Training

The program will also emphasize topics such as applied emergency medical training, when to contact local and federal authorities for help, and what you can do to dramatically decrease threats in your surroundings.  This list is by no means comprehensive as other related topics and current events may be implemented during the course.