What people are saying about The Centient Group

After completing The Centinent Group Threat Awareness, Avoidance and Preparedness Program I clearly left a changed individual. Quickly I realized as I was working through each day of the program how many gaps there were between my skills and my desire to prepare and protect myself, my family and my community. CG has gathered Best In Class instructors and Subject Matter Experts to teach and train anyone from Police and Military Experts to the average citizen or CHL Holder. By the end of the program, I clearly felt that I had not only sharpened skills that were necessary to achieve my goals as a protector, but I had a new and necessary knowledge base to work from, a true paradigm shift. Our world is changing daily, unfortunately it is not becoming a safer place. Thank you to The Centinent Group for creating a platform to help eliminate some of those threats.
— Tyler McKibben, Founder & COO Freedom Hospice
The training was really good. The instructors and former Tier One operators had impressive credentials. There’s no question I feel better prepared to predict something bad before it happens. I’d definitely recommend the program.
— Matt Johnson, Defender Outdoors